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Curtains come in many forms these days, most popular at the moment is the modern day version of lace & drapes.

Instead of having the sheer on the back & the drapes on the front, we now often make the reverse & have the lining on the back track & the sheer curtain on the front track.

It still gives the fantastic function of being able to block all the light out when both layers closed or just have the sheer across which provides daytime privacy and cuts the glare & heat.

So many gorgeous coloured, textured & patterned sheers & also the hard to beat plain white sheers.


But still popular too is the single layer, neutrals are the most popular colour as the saying goes ‘keep your large items neutral & inject colour with your smaller pieces like cushions, vases and art works.’

Darker neutrals are a way of still playing it safe but giving a room a sense of substance & beauty….as long as you have enough light to get away with darker curtains they do look so stunning.

I have seen the same unit configuration on different levels decorated very white then upstairs very dark, they are all beautiful in their own way, it comes back to personal taste (and how much you like or dislike cleaning :  ))

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 The new generation lining is call tripe weave, its so much better than the old coated linings.

As everyone has experienced, the first thing to fail with curtains is the marriage between the fabric and the coating.

Resulting in light filtering through the curtains looking atrocious.

Triple weave on the other hand is made by weaving a black thread between the front and the back thread, the black creates the block out effect without coating the fabric.

The result is a fabric that drapes beautifully and being 100% polyester, its washable & doesn’t shrink.

Just about all fabrics used for the hotel industry further North are now triple weave curtain fabric or lined in triple weave as mould has become such a health issue and the curtains must be launderable.


The options for what the curtains hang on are: an ordinary track or a decorative track.

Our choice of ordinary tracking is Styline.


 Beautifully designed, yet strong and rigid, Styline Curtain Tracks maintain a high quality aluminium construction that will deliver you a lifetime of worry-free operation, whilst supporting your curtains.

Features include the superior gliding performance and a great range of colours to suit the changing market.

It can be ceiling fixed or face fixed.


The plastic gliders and end caps are protected with a UV coating which contributes to their longer lasting life.

Available in both Hand Draw and Cord Draw this quality track comes with a 5 year Guarantee and is suitable for most weights of curtains.

These high quality tracks cover both domestic and commercial applications, giving years of trouble free use even in high traffic areas.

DSC01069 - Copy

Our tracks are made to exact sizes and colours specifications and come in lengths of up to 6 metres for easy glide with no’ helping’ over extending parts that impede the curtain gliding.

Styline tracks come in a range of powdercoated colours and many can be supplied in both Hand Draw and Cord Draw, single, double or even triple and with or without bends.

 Tracks can be bent to fit all types of bay windows.

Copy of DSC05512 - Copy

Characteristics of Styline:

Quality made product, comes with a 5 year Guarantee and is suitable for all weights of curtains.

 Strong heavy duty, powdercoated aluminium track using easy fix, quick release brackets.

 Track Colours include White, Birch White, Magnolia, Black, Gold, Polished Satin and Matt Satin.

Quality aluminium tracks preferred by decorators.

Our choice of decorative track is Versatrak.

raintrees single curtain on versa track


sheer on single versa track.

 Versatrak comes in up to 6 metre lengths which are extruded through the entire length, so the curtain always glides smoothly with no jumps or catches.

single track rod

Versatrak design and flexibility makes it ideal for residential or  commercial applications.

The look can range from traditional to contemporary by choosing finishes and finials accordingly.

glide rod versatrak ring rod versatrak

single versa track

white curtains single track rod

There are many advantages of Versatrak:

  • Versatrak comes in 16mm and 25mm Diameters.
  • The unique channel design allows the glides and/or rings to slide smoothly past the brackets.
  • Various Face Fix Brackets.
  • Top Fix Brackets.
  • Double installation Brackets.
  • Concealed Brackets.
  • Rods can be Bent or Rolled/Curved.
  • Various Colours & Hand painted finishes are available to match your décor.
  • An extensive range of decorative finials from very simple to quite ornate.
  • Versatrak curtain hardware is manufactured to the highest possible standards using marine grade aluminium to ensure long life and reliable product performance.

Both of these options need to be able to stand up to our salt air conditions and are powered coated aluminium, we also use stainless steel  screws as the others will rust and very quickly.

Options to consider choosing between ordinary tracking and decorative tracking:

If you have square set ceilings,  ceiling fixed styline tracks looks fantastic as it gives the room height and being white, just blend into the ceiling. Below at Beach on Sixth, Maroochydore.


If the curtains are face fixed (fixed to a vertical wall) a decorative track (versatrak) looks lovely as the brackets are much nicer to look at than the face fitted ordinary track brackets, in the olds days we would to make valances and such to conceal the ugly brackets however the versatrak brackets are very attractive and the curtain sits just below the track rod. See below @ Raintrees, Moffat Beach.

 More beautiful curtains below:

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